La Chambre Verte

Welcome to La Chambre Verte; a paradisiacal escape in the midst of the city’s clatter where stillness, nourishment, and calm await. Suffused with lush flora, the room’s biophilic design will transport you to a greener place that connects you to nature, away from nature.

La Rue Verte welcomes you to the neighbourhood, showcasing our CBD rituals, biodegradable hemp textiles, and as the night falls you drift into a revitalising slumber. Sensory serenity, hidden in plain sight.

La Chambre Verte at
Kimpton Blythswood Square.
À bientôt.

La Rue Verte’s journey with CBD started with an immense passion for a natural alternative for making humans feel well. La Rue Verte is based on the concept of a destination where we explore these natural practices and their relative products, celebrating the source plant of CBD - Hemp. We then extend the ethos of living a more “Green Life’’ to elevate how your body and mind responds to the environment around you.

There is an undeniable connection with humans and nature, and like with the science of CBD and how it biologically works, which we understand this very well - we explore ‘Biophilia’ and immersing our audience in the knowledge and experience of just how strong that connection can be.

Welcome to La Chambre Verte.

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La Rue Verte


Welcome to La Rue Verte, and welcome to the benefits of premium CBD skin care. The antithesis of unrest.
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