The World's First CIBTAC
CBD Cosmetology Course


CBD Facial Course

’Hashtag Organics’ & The Academy are proud to introduce the world’s first CIBTAC accredited CBD Facial & CBD Body Massage courses, both incorporating La Rue Verte luxury skin care. In light of recent events, the courses are now fully available through online distance learning.

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Where luxury meets the science of the plant kingdom...

La Rue Verte invites you into the world of CBD wellness with a truly unique spa offering. With our prestigious CIBTAC accredited courses, paired with the biologically therapeutic properties of CBD — we can guarantee the highest standard of quality & comfort for your spa. These treatments aim to enrich the body’s natural Endocannabinoid System, helping your client achieve homeostasis. (Dynamic equilibrium/complete balance in health)

“When we set out on our CBD journey, it was of paramount importance to us that the range was brought to market with the best education, the guarantee of insurance and that it was completely endorsed by the best governing bodies.” — Emma, Director – Hashtag Organics LTD

Along with our one-of-a-kind treatments, we are also achieving a 3-pronged skin care regime through La Rue Verte. Our products boast anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which work in harmony with the CBD Facial & Body Massage. We have pioneered very specific protocols and new technologies that take all of the biological science of CBD into consideration and aim to directly increase the efficacy of the therapeutic application of CBD. A truly authentic CBD offering.

Our luxury skin care products are designed to create a feeling through the body & mind. We use safe, active ingredients ingredients from the Cannabis Sativa plant to promote equilibrium by stimulating the body’s natural Endocannabinoid system. Our professional treatments use potent 5% CBD formulations, while our retail range uses a sustainable and strong 1% which is perfect for daily use, designed to help with balance in the skin’s cannabinoid tone.

All of our CBD treatments are paired with our meditations which comprise of guided walks through the ‘La Rue Verte’ neighbourhood. As a spa partner, we warmly welcome you to this serene destination, and a story that will enrapture your clients during the treatment & beyond. Creating a positive ‘neuro-association’ through the meditative brand messaging not only elevates the product’s rate of efficacy, it establishes a connection with the brand on a level that’s more than skin-deep.

Throughout the courses you will also gain an understanding of how to identify the client’s individual needs, their skin type, any possible conditions, and how to adapt your treatment to these accordingly. All whilst being fully compliant. These bespoke treatments start with a therapist consultation, allowing each client to experience their own oasis of heavenly calm.


In adapting to the COVID-19 situation, we’re proud to have retained the same standard of education, CIBTAC accreditation and passion for wellbeing in the Spa industry with zero compromise. We’re delighted to offer this following rigorous due diligence across the board.
We have adapted our CBD Massage and Facial courses to full online experiences, with an extended syllabus to maximise the benefits of distance learning. We’re also including additional video support and group classes within the syllabus. We have developed this course with our training arm, and directly with Ofqual & CIBTAC — so full insurance and accreditation certification applies.


Hashtag Organics is an innovative and passionate industry leader specialising in the development of CBD products for the UK and International market.
“We are passionate about driving the absolute best in standard into the CBD industry and we hope this can now translate into the beauty and spa sector.
“This is isn’t just a standard treatment with an oral tincture at the start, this is layered CBD experience, with each part of the treatment designed to increase the efficacy of the CBD and ultimately target any concerns covered by the client in consultation. There are up to 9 processes of CBD in the CBD Facial treatment, for example. This allows Spas to offer an authentic CBD treatment to the client, and from a very innovative and new segment of the industry. You could call this a ‘holistic approach to Spa business” as our focus is the benefit being delivered to the client but attractive economies being achieved for the business” — Emma, Director, Hashtag Organics LTD

What does CBD do?

CBD stimulates the Endocannabinoid System. This is the body’s innate balancing mechanism and the key to regulating everything in the body, including metabolism, fertility, immunity to sleep & pain perception. Client case studies from our in-house salon have shown one client suffering lupus was able to come off of medication she had been on for 6 years after her 4th CBD massage, alongside taking CBD Hemp Oil Tincture daily.


CIBTAC has been producing graduates of the highest calibre since 1977, and sets itself apart through the quality of its industry-leading, globally-recognised qualifications. This is achieved through a rigorous 'end on exams' assessment ensuring salon-ready graduates in demand by the world's top employers.

How Is CIBTAC Different to Other Awarding Bodies?

CIBTAC sets itself apart though the high quality of its qualifications, achieved through a rigorous 'end on exams' assessment ensuring salon-ready graduates in demand by the world's top employers.

  • High quality qualifications
  • Reputation for excellence
  • Rigorous externally assessed examinations
  • Championing best practice
  • Salon-ready graduates
  • Internationally recognised in over 24 countries
  • Recruitment channels via the world's top employers
  • Over 150+ Centres globally
  • Advanced qualifications
  • Not-for-profit
  • Innovative endorsed training
  • Outstanding professional service
  • Industry advocates




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